Group Travel

Good things come in pairs - but great things come in groups!
Groups can be as simple as a long weekend away with a few of your closest friends, a couple's getaway, a multi-generational family vacation, your golf buddies, your diving friends, a college reunion, a social group with similar interests, or really, pretty much whatever you can think of.
Below are some of our favorites, but the possibilities really are endless.


Family groups

Grandparents + kids + grandkids = tons of fun! We have lots of experience in selecting the perfect destinations and properties for families. Fun for everyone - not just the kids or the adults - but everyone. Whether it's a trip to the Grand Canyon, a villa in the Caribbean, an all inclusive resort, or a trip to Disney, we can tailor your group to be just as unique as your family.


Fitness/ Sports Groups

There are so many incredible and exciting options for active groups. If you're a yoga instructor going the Wellness route with your students or a personal trainer who wants to plan a week-long boot camp at the beach, we have so many ideas and options for you. Get your physical fitness on and reward yourselves with a little R&R while you're at it!



They say, friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Traveling with this beloved group is so rewarding. You can put together a group of your favorites and lay on a beach, go zip line, hang out in Irish pubs or take a wine themed river cruise. The possibilities really are endless. So next time you get together and you start saying 'we need to go to....', we'll take care of you.